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Birth Injury

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An expectant Mother appears at a local hospital in labor. The labor progresses for hours, then days. The hospital, staff and obstetrician are responsible for monitoring the condition of the baby (the fetus) through a fetal monitoring strip which records the progress of the labor, the fetus’ heart rate, and the timing of contractions. The family, Mother and the Father, allege that throughout the labor, the obstetrician is rarely in the delivery room without explanation. The team fails to recognize the dangerous signs on the fetal monitoring strip. The fetal monitoring strip is not reassuring according to experts. As a result the child has a delayed C-section (Caesarean Section). It is too late, the child suffers seizures, widespread damage to her brain, microcephaly and will be confined to a wheelchair for her entire life. The precious child has cognitive, speech and numerous profound impairments. She will attend special schools and require lifelong assistance. The medical professionals all the while denying that they are at fault, claiming that for some reason the child had a stroke during pregnancy. The case did not resolve until all proof went to the jury. This is the kind of battle that birth injury involves. The facts above demonstrate that the kind of cases that Smith Law Firm PLLC has experience handling. Prior cases do not guarantee similar results.


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