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Client’s Mom and Dad are a mother and father struggling with their four (4) year old daughter’s recurrent bouts of strep throat. Upon doctors medical advice they elect to allow their infant daughter to have a tonsillectomy, which many consider a safe and routine procedure. Tragically, the surgeon performing the procedure at a regional hospital and the team that the surgeon is working with including those responsible for anesthesiology fail to use a device standard in the industry to monitor the child’s blood carbon dioxide levels. As a result of the failure to use a simple and standard monitor and the failure to record readings and results the negligently failed to recognize that the girl’s blood oxygen levels are dangerously low. Her heart rate slows, not enough oxygen feeds her brain and as a result she suffers permanent brain damage.

A child who was once at the highest level of functioning for her age has now lost multiple levels of function, reduced IQ, visual damage and lack of coordination. In short, lifelong impairment. Yet the doctors and hospitals deny fault and litigate for years. The family and the medical providers only achieve a satisfactory settlement on the eve of trial, literally at the court while waiting for the jury to come in.

This is the kind of fight that clients have in malpractice cases and Smith Law Firm PLLC has the experience to handle. The facts above are demonstrative of an actual case. Prior results do not guarantee the same results.


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